Innovation and Art Expo

10 – 12 May 2024


To innovation and art

Join us during our three day event aiming to promote various Business Innovation projects from Mallorca and an exposition of Art works by various local and international artists – including an auction of some of the works on Saturday May 11th.

Come and be inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of our featured Innovators and Artists, as they present their latest works at Plaza Major 3E. Invest in a project or artwork during the exposition days and hopefully participate in the charitable art auction on Saturday. Bring your kids on Sunday as there will be a full active kids program.

By buying art, you will be supporting the JoyRon Foundation to provide “Help for the Children in Need in the Balearics”Get ready for engaging presentations, visual delights, and with your credit card at the ready for any purchase that takes your fancy.

For those that cannot attend, there will be an on-line auction facility (pre-registration required). 

Innovate Mallorca consulting SL
Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash
Pre-registration required

The Auction

Saturday May 11th at 17:00 a charitable auction will take place – where all benefits will go to the JoyRon FoundationBy investing in the art, you will be supporting the JoyRon Foundation to provide “Help for the Children in Need in the Balearics”.  We hope you all join with a credit card at hand to make this auction to a great success!

Registration to participate in auction can be arranged at the venue itself or by sending an email to as of May 4th.




Friday May 10th - Opening

15:00 – 21:00 Innovation and Art Expo opening

Artwork for viewing

Continuous Innovation presentations and display on site

Saturday May 11th - Auction day

11:00 – 21:00 Innovation and Art Expo open

Artwork for viewing

Continuous Innovation presentations and display on site

17:00 Auction of artwork in the benefit of the Joyron Foundation

Sunday May 12th - Family matinee

11:00 – 17:00 Innovation and art expo open 

12:00 Mandalas drawing with Yara Zegke (free)

14:00 Educational Kids Workshop from the Cleanwave Foundation (free)

Artists on site for interactive painting/drawing entertainment


Mallorca is full of innovation. A selection of the Innovate Mallorca supported projects and companies will present during the opening hours of the Expo. Join the Innovation And Art Expo to see what Mallorca has to offer in regards to innovation.

Alga Cadabra

Sunday May 12 at 14:00 the Cleanwave Foundation will organise a children activity in the form of an eco-emotional workshop at the event venue.

The aim of the free “Fora Plastics” storytelling workshop is to raise awareness among children about the importance of regenerating and caring for the natural environment and the need to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic. Through dynamic and fun activities where different emotions are worked on and their ability to create, transform and act is encouraged.
  • About 28 people
  • 3-10 years old

Next to that Yara Zegke will do a Mandala drawing workshop at 12:00 and more artists will be on site for interactive entertainment. So this is the perfect day to “bring your kids to the office” and let them have some fun while gaining important insights! 

Live broadcast

Thanks to Palma Video Studios, during the expo all Innovation Projects and Artworks will be broadcasted. Also a live streaming to the Art Auction on Saturday will make it possible to join this great charitable fundraiser from all around the world.

The venue

The expo takes place at the home office of Innovate Mallorca Consulting SL – which is at Mallorca Progress Society at Plaza Major 3E, in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Please join us!