Innovations on Expo

Mallorca boat Recycling

Transform glass fibre boats into decking and furniture

Mallorca counts with an estimated 300 abandoned boats/ships occupying moorings in harbours without paying. 

We are developing an economically viable glass fibre boat recycling centre that integrates various (composite) technologies. 

The final end-products add commercial value to the local circular economy and prevent dirty waste in harbours and on land, making Mallorca cleaner and more attractive. 


Wave plastic goodbye!

The Cleanwave Foundation is an initiator of community led projects that provide conservation, protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Mediterranean.

With a purpose of re-connecting people and nature, the Cleanwave Foundation strives to be a positive wave of action and hope, with the promise to work empathetically and creatively with diverse communities to deliver tangible results.

The Cleanwave Movement has set up a network of public water fountains, where people can refill their bottles for free. We also provide water solutions at events. You can purchase your Cleanwave bottle and download our app and find the closest refill point. 

The Cleanwave Education program is based on Emotional Education. Emotions are the engine that moves society. Ultimately, it is through our emotions that we are motivated to act, and we use these workshops to encourage children, adolescents and adults to act in a positive way towards the natural world.


Help us achieve a Balearics with no disposable plastic waste by 2030!

Laminar pharma

Next Generation Medicines

We are a pioneering biopharmaceutical company, focused on the discovery, rational designand initial clinical development of drugs. These compounds are all based on a novel therapeutic approach: Membrane Lipid Therapy (MLT), or melitherapy for short, which targets membrane lipids, instead of acting directly on proteins or DNA as most medicines do.

We carry out translational research with the goal of delivering treatments for serious illnesses which lack effective therapies. This includes rare conditions and those which are currently incurable, or which have poor prognoses with few treatment options, such as pediatric brain cancer (glioma), APBD, Down syndrome or spastic paraplegia.


We aim to finance Phase III clinical trials for brain tumor treatment. 

For more information about this investment opportunity check the webpage.


Laminar Pharma


Regenerate Mediterranean underwater forests

The MedGardens project focuses on community engagement and proactive interventions to improve the state of our coastal habitats. It arises with the objective of regenerating marine grasslands and forests, thus improving the ecosystem services they provide, and contributing to the sustainable development of coastal communities.

MedGardens Vision: Reestablish by 2030 the Mediterranean shallow marine habitats needed for biodiversity to thrive, mitigating the impacts of climate change.

MedGardens Solution: Algae and seagrass communities are transplanted or reinforced in small plots of shallow coastal seabed. These spaces become social and environmental laboratories where citizens and science converge, building the marine capabilities of the people and enabling their participation in citizen science.

Everyone can take part and fix what we have broken. MedGardens is all of us!

Palma Video Studio

Fully equipped studio in city center

Our professional team of trained videographers, producers, media experts, PR professionals, sound technicians, lighting experts and business consultants with many years of experience is at your side from the very first moment.
We have the right contact person for every video project as well as access to a network from all cinematic creative fields.

The Palma Video Studio is located directly on Plaça Major, in the heart of Palma’s old town.