the artists

(Palma de Mallorca. 1987) Wunderkind and esteemed Spanish artist. Anachronistic painter. His paintings seem to belong to another era, his palette is reminiscent of the last century. Provocateur of eroticism and women’s sensuality.

Carlos Prieto is an artist – a self-taught post-impressionist of the 21st century, advocate of beauty and classical painting. He remains true to the classic style of the artists of the last century – he avoids current fashions and fleeting stars in art.

In his opinion, fashions go out of fashion and classics remain constant; they resonate in eternity


Sylvia Baker de Perkal, artist residing in Mallorca since 1995. She portrays the surrounding nature in an expressionist style, where colour and texture prevail. Her work is a kaleidoscope of vivid and vibrant shades and tones. Despite having no formal art training, a lifetime of observing and loving art and the courage to commence and persevere means she creates work with the utmost joy and sense of discovery of new techniques and motifs.


* Permanent Exhibition of works at Can Sant Café in Algaida (Mallorca)

* 2023 Innovation and Art Expo in Palma (Joyron).

* Exhibition Arbres i Flors in new art space in Casal Pere Capellá January- March 2023 (Algaida, Mallorca)

* Selected to design cover for programme of 2023 festivities of Sant Honorat (Algaida, Mallorca)

* 2023 Nit del Art in Algaida ALGAIDART- selection of works + CABALLOS

* 2022 Nit del Art in Algaida ALGAIDART – exhibition TOROS (collection of 19 paintings of bulls)

* 2021 Nit del Art in Algaida ALGAIDART – selection of works

* 2021 Opened exhibition of 25 works (15 of a vine and wine related theme) at new art display, wine tasting and show cooking space at Catavinos (November 2021, Palma de Mallorca)

Instagram: sylviabakerdeperkal

I am Victoria, a Mixed Media Digital Artist and Graphic Designer originally from of Juyuy, Argentina

My artwork is a fusion of physical and digital painting, which allows me to explore a myriad of creative possibilities.

Also active as NFT Artist.



Judith Sturm was born in 1973 in Saarlouis, southwestern Germany on the border with France and Luxembourg. She lives and works on Mallorca / Spain.

Two stays in the USA, in 2006 and 2008 in the printing workshop of the well-known master printer Erika Greenberg-Schneider in Tampa/Florida, have had a decisive influence on Judith Sturm’s graphic work. In 2005, the master student of Prof. Baumgarten developed her own style of painting:

Born in 1968.
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Yuko unfolds expressions from her curious soul, with the soft, pure and natural flow of water.

The artist, who was inspired by the gnarled old olive trees and bougainvilleas of Mallorca, mainly shows poetic, colourful trees. These are painted with inks on water using the almost 1000-year-old Japanese suminagashi technique and then transferred to silk or sateen.
The artist has managed to turn a traditional marbling technique into contemporary art and a unique, unmistakable suminagashi style. YUKO’s large-format trees and streams are impressive, metaphorical pictorial worlds.


Icon Zar was born in Moscow ( Russia), during the Soviet time. Running between ice skating, ballet classes, vocal lessons, made her realize “ Art is a Powerful tool for social changes “

Under influence of Old Hollywood movies, Coca-Cola and Pop American Culture, Disney Animation, Communism propaganda and Russian folklore stories, shaped her future vision of “ Making a world a better place

Her Art is divided into 9 different periods: RED, BLUE, WHITE, BLACK, GREY, PINK, GOLD, GREEN and VIOLET. Each period has reflections of political changes in the world for that period of time. Her art is in many collections around the world like USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Irland, UK, Russia, Japan and Spain. Working with charities, foundations and environmental organizations made her realize how consuming daily habits can make a big difference in the world and “ There‘s No Planet B


Igor Morski is a Polish artist and illustrator known for his surrealist and fantastical artworks. He possesses an impressive ability to combine realistic elements with fantastic and metaphorical elements, creating captivating and often enigmatic images.

Born in 1960 in Poznan, Poland, the artist currently resides and works in Poland and on the island of Mallorca.

Morski completed studies in set design, graphic design, and illustration at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he worked for the public broadcaster Polish Television, where he designed sets for TV, theater, cultural, and documentary programs.

Igor Morski employs various techniques including digital painting, photo manipulation, and traditional painting. His works often have a strong narrative component and provide space for interpretation and reflection.

Morski has had an impressive career in the illustration industry, working for a variety of clients in publishing, advertising, and magazines. His works have been exhibited worldwide, and he has received several awards for his artistic achievements.

Pablo Bujosa –  is a genuine Mallorcan, born and raised on the island. His studio is his house, his garden. He paints wherever he likes. And he paints what he can think of. “I start with an idea and when the picture is finished it usually represents something completely different. If I am no longer satisfied during the painting process, I take a grinder and do it again.”

“My work is primarily improvisation. “

PABLO BUJOSA is an artist who loves to be in the background. He shines less through exhibition activities or public relations – rather he convinces with his unmistakable style and excellent quality of the work.

PABLO BUJOSA has been represented by HMH Galerie since 2012 and is one of the best-selling artists at Galeria HMH. His choice of motifs is influenced by Mediterranean, subaquatic motifs – fish, shells, seabeds, etc. The portrayal of fish is aesthetically staged and often given humorous titles. The viewer sees a noble work, which often depicts a funny or ironic scene such as 4 friends (see picture on the right), Los Diablitos (The Little Devils), La Carrera (The Race) and much more.

It is these small details that make his paintings so extraordinary. Fish formed from toilet rolls, for example, or fruits formed from bits of charcoal from his oven. He works on a work of art for one and a half to two months. Usually parallel to several at the same time.

The canvases and wooden panels hang in his studio like ham legs lined up to dry. The contrast couldn’t be greater between the walls on which the pictures are hung and the place of total solitude where they are created.

Reflections on personal travels throughout the world by sea and land:

May these images conjure for you the fundamental joy of interacting with the nature we are so much a part of and in which we coexist with these majestic creatures. As a life long sailor, avid scuba and free diver I am passionate about our planet and especially the vulnerable communities, oceans and wildlife to which I have had the great fortune to meet and collaborate with over many years. Many of these paintings were inspired by first hand encounters I have had whilst taking underwater photographs and video. Having participated in marine volunteer work around the globe, I have witnessed that even small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on the daily lives of others. It is my desire, in my own small way, to use art as a message for change and inspiration. I decided from the beginning of my career as a painter to use many of the proceeds from my commissions and exhibitions to reinvest in the local communities worldwide which have changed my life and made it much the richer. Please feel free to reach out to contact me.

Yara Zegke is much more than an artist. With over 30 years of experience in the captivating world of encaustic painting, she has established herself as a true master of this art form. Born and raised in Erfurt, Thuringia, her work not only garners local admiration but also captivates art enthusiasts worldwide.

Encaustic painting, a technique over 4000 years old with its origins in ancient Egypt, is Yara’s passion and life’s work. With a unique combination of wax, pigments, and heat, she creates images that not only visually impress but also radiate a profound spiritual energy. Her works are not just artworks; they are windows into a world full of colors, emotions, and universal energy.

Yara’s paintings are renowned not only for their technical brilliance but also for their incredible expressiveness and energy. Before picking up the brush, she immerses herself in meditation to connect with universal energy. The result is not just paintings but rather soulscapes that captivate the viewer and take them on a journey of self-reflection and discovery.

Ken Patrick Kleeberg

Ken Patrick – born in Hamburg in 1979 under the sign of the lion, after his school career, which took him to various places and countries, he attended art college, various academies and studied graphics and design in Hamburg. He then trained as an art therapist.

He is passionate about nature and music. He draws energy and inspiration for new ideas from them.

“Music is my source of energy for painting”. He goes on his path to the place of his dreams. Ken Patrick is a quiet, rather introverted young man, not someone who wants to stand out. On the contrary, he is almost aloof towards people and is reluctant to comment on his outlook on life and his artistic work.

The “free art painter”, as he calls himself, lives and works in Hamburg, Mallorca and Asia. In addition to painting, he spends the rest of his time with music. He composes and needs his keyboard “like others need a cigarette”. “Sounds and colours are different – but they say the same thing”.