the artists

Sylvia Baker de Perkal

Sylvia Baker de Perkal, artist residing in Mallorca since 1995. She portrays the surrounding nature in an expressionist style, where colour and texture prevail. Her work is a kaleidoscope of vivid and vibrant shades and tones. Despite having no formal art training, a lifetime of observing and loving art and the courage to commence and persevere means she creates work with the utmost joy and sense of discovery of new techniques and motifs.

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Laura Carbajo

Artist specialized in works of art in Acrylic.

I am Laura Carbajo, I was born in Miramar Buenos Aires Argentina, on December 20, 1976. I currently live in Mallorca Spain – again by the sea as in my hometown – having settled in different countries experiencing different cultures, customs, behaviors…

Since I was little I began to paint, my first painting dates from the age of 5. After a few years I took a painting course, in which I deepened techniques and from that moment my training was self-taught.

Each work that I start allows me to discover the techniques to use, since I express my feelings in them. When I paint I discover myself, I am connected with the universe and my inner peace. Each of my paintings is a different emotion.


Till (Gael Lambiotte)

International artist, born in Belgium, Till (Gael Lambiotte) spends over 20 years on stage as a Principal Ballet Dancer.At the end of his carreer he starts to paint, which leads him quickly into sculpting. This new way of expression becomes rapidly an overwhelming passion.

The subtle work of playing with form, sensuality, spontaneity and physicality was very connected with the feelings he knew as a dancer.

In 2012 he has his first exhibition in Mallorca, then moves to France were he continues creating, exploring and showing his art in many different settings. Since 2021 he is back in Mallorca.

So far Till has mainly worked on stone, with a particular affection for marble, for the resistance, the touch and the slow process it takes to unravel its beauty.

For him everything starts with an emotion. He finds it in simple lines, movement and contrast, all inviting the eye and hand for a gentle caress.

He enjoys the dialogue created with the stone, the introspection and the mysteries that each, unique, has to reveal.

Many of his work found home in Spain, France, Canada, Holland and Belgium

Ernesto Benitez

Ernesto Benítez (Havana, 1971) is a multidisciplinary Cuban artist with a strong conceptual and experimental projection. In 1983 he began studying visual arts and by the end of the 80’s he was already participating in murals and exhibitions with the mythical group ‘ArteCalle’. In 1990 he graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts and in 2000 he concluded his university studies at the Higher Institute of Art of Havana. That year he joined the Institute as professor of “Art and Anthropology”. Member of the UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), in the following 10 years he pursued postgraduate studies in linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology and philosophy.

In his artistic career Ernesto Benítez has had more than 100 personal exhibitions, group shows, plastic interventions/actions and performances in important international institutions. Among his main distinctions is the second prize in the Sculpture Biennial in Havana, 2008. His works are part of public and private collections in Cuba, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Panama. Benítez currently lives and works alternating between Havana and Palma de Mallorca.

Jose M Fayos

José María Fayos Barrón (Valencia 1966) entered the Schools of Craftsmen in 1983. He broadened his artistic training in Madrid, Paris and Italy. In 1987 he inaugurated his first solo exhibition.

In 1992 he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Valencia.

In 2000 Anthological Exhibition (1985-2000) at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid.

In 2009 he settled in Mallorca and this year in June he receives the Mayte Spínola Gold Medal for his work as a portrait painter.

Alina Poloboc

Alina Poloboc, born in 1991 in Bender, Transnistria, an independent country from Moldova. She lives between Miami, Florida, United States and Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. She has a degree in International Relations and Political Science. She was a presenter for three television stations in Moldova.

After a two-year stint in Bolzano, Italy, she discovered her passion for painting. During a vacation in Palma de Mallorca, she was captivated by the special light of the island. She began painting six years ago and attended painting courses. Since then, her intense passion for painting has become her professional career as an artist.

Her two artistic styles, figurative paintings of real ballerinas painted with elegance, delicacy, and sensitivity, flow like a live ballet when Alina transposes them through her brushes full of colors, textures, and different media on the canvas. Her contemporary-style abstract paintings, where the color blue of ink and natural pigments dominates, is one of her obsessions for this color. Blue, the color that reflects the color of the sky and the sea of Mallorca.